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Choctaw Development Fund

The Choctaw Development Fund was created to stimulate community, economic, and small business development to create jobs and promote economic growth within the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma territorial boundaries in order to promote successful, productive, and self-sufficient lifestyles of tribal members and their communities. 

Choctaw Nation provides economic stimulus, community improvement, and economic development in the form of capital building projects, health & wellness programs, tribal police, family & social services, and investments in businesses that offer employment opportunities which drive significant economic activity and positively affect the communities in southeastern Oklahoma. 

The Choctaw Development Fund is designed to evaluate critical needs for projects and provide assistance in areas not otherwise addressed by the current Choctaw Nation programs, by other grant opportunities, and/or other funding sources available in the community. 

These opportunities are proposed by the local governments and must support the program objectives by addressing critical infrastructure needs, improved quality of life projects, or other economic development activities that foster business growth; including participation in business recruitment, development, expansion, and attraction efforts. Projects should positively impact the tribal members and their communities and be carried out economically and efficiently with respect for environmental and cultural concerns. 

Funding for qualifying projects is limited and all proposals must undergo an application process and review of qualifications before an initial recommendation for assistance is made to the Community & Economic Development Committee. Proposals are submitted along with an application within the three areas of focus: 

  • Community Development 
  • Economic Development 
  • Small Business Development 

For additional information, please contact Angel Rowland by email or phone 580-924-8280 extension 2371.

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