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Companies in this industry cluster work with a variety of materials, including metals, glass, plastics, and wood products to manufacture goods, some using recycled content and some using new inputs. There is an opportunity to grow the cluster with companies that focus on incorporating recycled content into their production process. This is known as "Remanufacturing". 

Currently, the United States produces more recycling than it has markets to use them. As a result, there is a concerted push in the recycling industry to develop new markets and uses for recycled products. Choctaw Nation has already seen a rise in the number of remanufacturing companies that are looking to expand their operations. Companies that use recycled products in their processes include CMC Metals Company, International Paper, and Old Castle.  

The largest components of Materials Processing and Remanufacturing are plastics, vulcanized and fired materials, and upstream metal manufacturing.

Processing/Remanufacturing Companies:
Company Location Industry
CMC Commercial Metals Durant Rebar and fence post manufacturing
Old Castle Poteau Lawncare plastics
International Paper Valliant Paper
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