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The Choctaw Nation territory has obvious assets in the Natural Resources Value Chain cluster. The presence of natural resources such as oil, natural gas, timber, water, coal, and stone position the region as a prime location for businesses adding value to raw products. Major employers include Julian Lumber, Martin Marietta, Cardinal Glass, Teal Jones, Dominance/Pan Pacific, Weyerhaeuser, International Paper, and JM Huber Engineered Woods. These industries provide a wide-range of jobs from low skill to high skill and often pay higher than average wages. 

Natural Resource/Value Added Companies:
Company Location Industry
Julian Lumber Antlers Creosote fence posts
Martin Marietta Hugo Aggregate rock
Cardinal Glass Durant Residential windows
Teal Jones Antlers Lumber mill
International Paper Valliant Paper
Dominance/Pan Pacific Broken Bow Engineered wood
Weyerhaeuser Idabel Lumber
JM Huber Engineered Woods Broken Bow Engineered wood
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