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About the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma 

With over 200,000 members, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is the 3rd largest federally recognized Native American tribe whose tribal territory encompasses 10 ½ counties (+11,000 square miles) in rural southeastern Oklahoma.

Choctaw Nation is led by the vision and leadership of Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr., and 12 elected Tribal Council Members. Similar to the United States, Choctaw Nation consists of three branches of government including Executive (Chief and Assistant Chief), Legislative (Tribal Council), and Judicial (Court of General Jurisdiction and Constitutional Court). Through strong leadership, the Tribe plays an important role in the growth of southeastern Oklahoma and the State of Oklahoma.

The culture and traditions of the Choctaw "Chahta" people have been handed down through many generations. Values are displayed through the Chahta language, stickball, and traditional dancing, all of which are practiced throughout the territory. Education is a top priority, thus a significant amount of resources are allocated annually to fund Choctaw Head Starts, Day Cares, Workforce Education, Higher and Adult Education, Career and Vocational Development, and the School of Choctaw Language.

Healthy lifestyles are promoted throughout the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Health service programs and clinics support the “Going Lean” initiative that encourages healthier lifestyles for tribal members in order to combat obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. CNO operates sixteen health clinics, thirteen wellness centers, two treatment centers for substance abuse, and five food distribution centers throughout the 10 ½ counties.

In 2016, the Choctaw Nation Division of Commerce was formed to generate revenue and accelerate the success of tribal members and the Tribe as a whole. The Commerce team, comprised of more than 5,000 driven, accountable optimists, carry the Choctaw heritage of determination and self-sustainment by providing a revenue stream to support not only the programs that assist tribal members including health care, education, housing, senior care, and other social services, but enable Choctaw to support a multitude of community programs and charities. 

Choctaw Nation’s diverse portfolio of businesses include construction, commercial real estate and leasing, business and economic development, tourism, small business development services, government contracting, defense services, agriculture, retail, gaming, hospitality, grocery stores, restaurant franchises, printing, eCommerce, and wildlife management.  

Investments within the tribal boundaries increase economic viability and sustainability and create long-term growth and job creation for Choctaw communities. Strategic Development expands on CNO’s internal resourcefulness to address the need for outside relationships in order to build stronger policies and remove barriers for future growth. Opportunities, projects, and services acquired through partnerships have a direct and positive impact on the lives of tribal members and are respectful of the economic, environmental, and cultural concerns of CNO.  


To the Choctaw Proud, ours is the sovereign nation offering opportunities for growth and prosperity


Living Out the Chahta Spirit of Faith, Family and Culture 

Core Values:

Responsibility Honor  Accountability  Teamwork  Integrity Servant Leadership

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